speech to the world

and sharing thougts

I had the great chance to travel around the world by bicycle and to discover different people and countries around this wonderful planet. This blog exists to share my thoughts with you and the world.

Thank you form my deep heart to let them to you heart.

(If someone of you is better in English than me and would like to help me and correct this texts, I would be very thankful. Please just write to michael.buehler@gmx.ch)


Ich hatte das Glück mit dem Fahrrad 1 x um die Welt zu reisen und Menschen aus verschiedenen Ländern kennen zu lernen. Diese Seite existiert um meine Gedanken zur Schweiz und zur Welt mit Dir zu teilen.

michael bühler

lets make the world a love place

I am not perfect at all. At the same time I had the chance to travel the world and get in touch with people from all around the world. People with different believes and different cultures. Now I have the deep feeling to share my thoughts about the world with you. To try every day to make our self and the world a better place. Not a place where everything is allowed, but a place with respect, tolerance and dignity. Let's make the world a love place.


About me:

I am economy friendly - I am green and nature loving - And I think it is important to conserve the successful achievements from our ancestors and be innovative for the future too.


The power of Love

the healthy way to prosperity

When I travelled once around the world with my bicycle, I realised that, where the people treated each other with respect, with love and dignity - the people where rich, healthy and lived long. On the other hand where corruption spread, bombs blasted  and peopled where suppressed -

the people suffered poverty, lived in fear und stumbled to a sad end.


This, we maybe allready know. Because since thousands of years the prophets and big thinkers of all cultures, religions and parts of the world told us to do so. But why don't we act according to this advices?


michael bühler

Bad Schönbrunn | Switzerland